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The Plus Katsastus inspection chain is 100% Finnish-owned, with more than 40 locations around Finland.

Heavy vehicle inspections are carried out at our service points in Haapavesi, Kajaani, Kalajoki, Kankaanpää, Kannus, Kuopio, Loimaa, Jyväskylä Arela, Mäntsälä, Pihtipudas, Pori Herralahti, Raisio, Rauma Kairakatu, Rauma Kortela, Salo and Ylivieska.

For heavy vehicle inspections and various other inspection matters, we prefer appointments to be booked to ensure smooth service.

In addition to periodic inspections and brake adjustments, we carry out ADR, modification, import and registration inspections for heavy vehicles, as well as TIR and truck mounted forklift inspections.

A vehicle with a total weight of more than 3,500 kg must be inspected at the latest one year after the date on which it was brought into use. Thereafter, the inspection must be carried out annually.

Booking appointments for periodic and special inspections of heavy equipment helps us serve you without unnecessary waiting. Our business customers also have the option to book regular appointment slots.

As a business customer, you may request to pay by invoice on your first visit, just fill in an invoicing agreement at the counter. You can also fill it in and send it in before your visit.