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The Plus Katsastus inspection chain is 100% Finnish-owned, with more than 40 locations around Finland.

We are also experts in modification and registration inspections.

A modification inspection must be carried out when the vehicle’s structures are modified or its intended use is changed.

The addition and removal of equipment may also require a modification inspection.
The need for a modification inspection should be clarified with an inspection station before the modification work starts. It may also become apparent during a periodic inspection that a modification inspection is required. A modification inspection may not always be possible in conjunction with the periodic inspection, depending on how many other appointments a station has booked in, so the best way to ensure the availability of the service is to contact the station directly.

Furthermore, vehicles that are to be registered as museum vehicles must be submitted for a modification inspection.

The most common modifications that require a modification inspection are so-called minor modifications, such as:

  • tyre and rim resizing
  • installation of chassis kits
  • changing the weight of the vehicle
  • conversion into a museum vehicle
  • change of vehicle class or group.

Major modifications requiring a modification inspection include:

  • engine modification
  • changes in engine power (e.g. installation of a turbo)
  • modification of the axle or body structure or external dimensions of the vehicle.

Traficom has defined detailed criteria for such modifications. These are worth familiarising yourself with on the Traficom website.
Stop by one of our stations and ask our inspection staff for advice if you are not entirely sure about the modification you are planning. This is a sure way to save money and effort. You should also book an appointment for a modification inspection by contacting the station directly to ensure a smooth service experience.

Prices for modification inspections for cars at our different stations
small €45.00–56.00
modifications to chassis and body height €85.00
large €90.00–250.00

A Traficom control fee of €2.70 will be added to the prices.

During the registration inspection, the vehicle’s technical details and compliance with regulations are checked, and its condition, construction and equipment are inspected.

A registration inspection must be carried out if:

  • the vehicle is being imported new or used
  • you are registering an individual vehicle in Finland
  • the vehicle has previously been removed from use because of damage
  • the vehicle was previously registered in Finland, but was deregistered before 2 November 2007.

Vehicles imported into Finland new or used must be inspected and registered before use.
However, the vehicle may be used without paying car tax for a maximum period of three months, provided a separate declaration of vehicle use has been submitted to the Finnish customs authority. When moving to Finland from abroad, you may drive the car you bring with you for 40 days, within which the vehicle must be registered in Finland.

The documentation required for imported vehicles can be found on the Traficom website.

For registration you will require a car tax decision from the Tax Administration!