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The Plus Katsastus inspection chain is 100% Finnish-owned, with more than 40 locations around Finland.

Tax-exempt (so-called ‘transfer sticker’) racing cars used for competing in rally competitions must be road-tested before the first competition. Additionally, all V1600 class cars must be road-tested. Tax-exempt car orienteering vehicles must also be road-tested.

Cars with these transfer stickers can only be used in a rally competition if the car is tax-exempt, i.e. the car has either been registered for use in speed competitions or has been deregistered because of a tax penalty. In this case, you must provide either the customs clearance documents (if the car was imported from outside the EU) or a copy of the change in vehicle use notification submitted to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. The above mentioned documents and the AKK-issued inspection card must be brought to the inspection, along with the car’s classification certificate.

The focus of the inspection is on the road safety of the car and the inspection of modified parts/structures and safety equipment. An approved inspection is recorded on the vehicle’s inspection card. The stamp on the inspection card is valid for one year. Additionally, an inspection card will be drawn up, which must be presented to the competition organiser on request.
The car must be presented for inspection with the TLA-compliant transport rings and without sump guards/shields.

Inspections are only carried out by AKK-approved inspection locations and inspectors, the contact details of which are given below. The cost of the inspection is €70 and the cost of a reinspection is €20. If the control arms are not the car’s originals, they must be accompanied by a certificate of manufacture stating that they are factory-manufactured parts of the car.

If the car’s normal Finnish periodic inspection is still valid (deregistration while the inspection is still valid), this specific inspection does not need to be carried out during the period of validity of the inspection.