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The Plus Katsastus inspection chain is 100% Finnish-owned, with more than 40 locations around Finland.

Vehicle condition inspections at Plus Katsastus are a good way to establish the true condition of a car before you sell or buy it.

During the car inspection, the condition of the car is checked extensively. The following parts of a vehicle, among others, will be checked:

  • exterior and interior lights
  • seat belts and other safety equipment
  • engine compartment pipes and hoses and any fluid leaks
  • condition of the suspension and axle system
  • exhaust system, tyre condition and tyre pressures
  • battery and other electrical equipment
  • a test drive to check the car’s driving behaviour.

Plus Katsastus will provide you with a clear report on the current condition of the car after the inspection.

A vehicle condition inspection is available at the following locations, please book an appointment for your inspection.